Artwork Specification

Guidance Notes for Submitting Artwork : Professional Designers

Please do not send any unsolicited artwork or design instructions before you have spoken to, or received an e-mail response from our sales team or studio. This causes us some problems, where are artwork is supplied from a studio, not the customer placing the order.

Print Ready Artwork

When we quote a price to you, it does not include the cost of the design. We normally expect customers to provide us with print ready artwork, or a single graphic image, a logo, to place in one of our templates.

"Print ready artwork" means artwork which can be loaded onto printing machines, without any redesign or manipulation by our inhouse designers. If your artwork is received requiring any complex redesign there may be an additonal charge. 


We have a full range of templates as PDF and Adobe CS3-5  which can be supplied on request. They are usually scaled to 20% full size.

Any templates should be regarded copyright Skynasoars Ltd supplied to you as free license. You may not offer them for use by any third party, or use them for any other purpose. By requesting a template you automatically agree to these terms.

Graphic Formats

We prefer to receive artwork, complete as a scaleable vector file, within our standard templates. If you are designing in Adobe Illustrator we prefer raw *ai files.: Hi-res PDFs are acceptable, but please do not compress multiple designs into a single PDF.

We often have difficulties where artwork has been prepared using software such as Freehand, Corel Draw, Quark. and Adobe In-Design : If you are  using software other than Adobe Illustrator to create your design, please supply it as a scaleable *.EPS or Hi-Res *.PDF.

We would suggest that you avoid using highly compressed JPEG's anywhere in your design. The compression algorithm usually introduces visible lines around adjacent colours, know as "artefacts" as to be highly visible and distracting as to spoil the whole design: Photoshop PSD, or TIFF is the preferred format. However, a high quality, sharp, low compresion JPEG can sometimes work extremely well.

If your artwork includes raster/ bitmap  graphic images or logos, please do not embed, but place, and always supply any bitmaps as additional files. If there is a problem our designers can try to solve it, but only if it is supplied as separate file. Please ensure that they are of sufficient size and resolution for scaling to the size of the flag. ie 50% of the final printing size and 300 dp minimum resolution.

Please contact us early in the design process if you are planning to submit the whole design as a raster (PSD /TiFF) image or it includes a full 100% image, eg photograph as a background. We are happy to accept this format, but to create a quality design requires very large, exceptionally sharp, and high resolution images.


Where your artwork includes text, please convert fonts to outlines/curves or provide the font.

Colour Matching

Colours should be defined as CMYK or Pantone.

CMYK colours will be printed as found and we will do our best to match any Pantone colour references, but there are limitations as to the colours printing machines are able to print.

Where an accurate pantone match is critical, please supply a colour sample, preferably on fabric : If you do not have a sample on fabric, we shall be happy to supply a small print of the requested colour. There may a be a charge for this service.

When specifying pantones use Solid Coated ( C) colour references.

Please do not use *CVC or customised pantones. Our software may not interpret them correctly, and an unexpected result may occur.
Convert to an equivalent C value.

It is difficult, sometimes impossible to match the RGB colours of raster graphic, for example a photo/ logo, with the CMYK of the background, even though the colour formulas would appear to be the same. Please bear this in mind when creating your design and there maybe some delay concerning any required delivery date,


If your design contains any element where required colour is a full black, please use K 100% black, rather than any enhancement which includes CMY content. Our machines are able to create a rich black without any need for enhancement at the design stage.


Think carefully how your graphics are layered : Layering raster (bitmaps) on top of a vector background layers may look fine on the screen, but our software can not always interpret them correctly and faults can occur. Please ensure that your layering is constructed such that any raster layers( photos, PSD,Tiffs) are below any vector drawn layers. If you are having difficulty with layering, please contact our sales staff. Please also take great care when using transparency. Our machine have some difficulty interpreting transparent layers, and we would advise not to use them at all, or flatten than into a background raster layers.


As an essential part of our quality systems. we will send you a proof of your design, and ask to sign off as correct : Your signature is an acceptance that the artwork is correct and any remaining errors, spellings, colours, layering, are your responsibility.


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