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Skynasoars specialise in the manufacture and supply of portable event branding - such as flags, banners, and signage for both indoor and outdoor use. We supply to a wide range of  industries and customers but our focus has always been extreme sports such as cycling, triathlon, running, athletics and rowing. Over the past fourteen years we have won a strong, loyal following from advertising and design agencies, sport equipment manufactuers, retailers and event managers, as well as charities and hobby clubs.

Our aim, from the beginning has always been to lead, becoming the best in class, in terms of design, quality and customer experience. And we clearly achieve this, through high customer satisfaction, who are more than happy to recommend and continue to support Skynasoars.

Unlike others, we evolved from the kite industry, where we gained experience working with a wide range of materials, fabrics, wood, metals, and both glass and carbon fibre construction techniques, a very necessary background for what we do now. And our knowledge of aerodynamics, has not been wasted, in understanding how our products perform, and can be improved. Our kites were sold worldwide, winning us a reputation for imaginative design, and high quality.

Being relatively small, does not mean our success, has been through following others. We were probably the first company in UK to make use of the new range of large scale digital printers using textiles, back in 2003, to manufacture the now very popular feather flags - then known as sail banners, wind blades or feather banners in the various industries which used them. We have a continuous testing programme, not only our machines but the durabllity an UV resistance of the final product, using a range of BS standard tests.

Working with partners in Germany, we are able to offer high volume  custom products while also maintaining standards and quality.

We were also the first company in UK, to approach Chinese manufacturers in 2004 to develop a range of durable fibreglass poles for use with our flags. These same designs are now exported world wide. The standard design of the steel spike, now widely used in the industry was also first introduced by Skynasoars in 2004.

Skynasoars are also one of the leading  UK manufactuers of industrial windsocks. We have created a design and constuction method, which assures strengh and duriability.  Windsock cloth is made to Skynasoars specification, and  tested to meet a number of European  and IOAC  standards.

In 2005 Skynasoars developed a new approach to the pop-up banner,  the Parabola with just a single sail, and fibre glass hoop held in the ground via pegs. This new product has proved extremely successful over the last 10 years.  

The feather flag shape, which we named - Fresco - first intoduced in 2009, has become one the five classic shapes offered by manufacturers worldwide.

It is our long experience in this field, our accumulated knowledge and our commitment to quality, which sets Skynasoars apart from all othe manufacturers.

And our search and development of new products, stimulating new and emerging markets with our original ideas goes on.


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Tom Haverly | Taurus Crafts

"We are very happy with the product and service from Skynasoars The flag printing is good and colours are sharp. Seams look strong too. The pre printing advice, proofing and any other help was also very good."

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Skynasoars win major contact

Skynasoars wins contract to supply CEX UK stores with retail branding. When we received an order for two feather flags, from a shop in Bristol, we did not have any expectation that it would grow into ten, then three hundred to supply all of CEX shop, then a repeat order two years later.  

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